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Eldering  with David Rose

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What is Eldering?

Eldering is rooted in an appreciation and reverence for life and the interdependence of all things. Unlike many indigenous cultures, our society does not recognise the value or purpose of the Elder. We need the help of elders who can share their wisdom and provide guidance gained through life experience.

Supporting individuals and communities to be in good connection, can help to promote positive change in the wider world.

My approach to Eldering aims to bridge this traditional knowledge with modern therapeutic healing practices. While it is not psychotherapy, mentoring, coaching, or professional supervision, this approach draws on aspects of these disciplines. My intention is that these Eldering sessions will be a creative process, guided by the relationship between us and what is being called for.

Who is Eldering for?

  • Individuals, partners and small community groups who need help navigating life concerns, and who wish to practice moving towards healthier, more loving relationship with themselves, others and the environment

  • Those on a spiritual, shamanic, or other path of discovery, who wish to practically integrate their experience into life, and to use these gifts as a medicine for the benefit of all.

  • Practitioners, professionals, artists and activists, who are looking to enhance their capacity to be in service to others and to life on Earth, in these transitionary times.

What are the Benefits of Eldering?

Simply having the presence of someone with extensive life experience, can be a healing force. I intend to be fully present with you, use insight and humour, and to challenge blind spots, cut through illusion with compassion and sometimes with tough love.

To facilitate healing, I will draw upon the power of ceremony and energetic support. I aim to expand your capacity to step back and see the bigger picture, and reveal the inherent goodness and beauty that are always present, when we care to look.

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I will endeavour to offer help personally and collectively, so we can walk the tight rope between - where we are and where we want to be.

By cultivating love, building resources and with appropriate action, we can practice ‘walking our talk.’ across this inevitable gap. And whenever possible, avoid falling off into an abyss.

Why is Eldering needed now?


This system of Eldering, is an offering that stems from the belief that we need help living in times of unprecedented change and challenge. We are out of balance with the natural world and are apparently spiralling into an environmental, societal, cultural, and existential crisis. The complexity of our situation, coupled with the polarising narratives that we are constantly exposed to, can leave us feeling confused, fragmented, and powerless. The resulting anxiety and stress are pandemic.

Alongside this, there is a proliferation of innovative projects, cutting edge knowledge and wise ways of being.  They flourish like a mycelial network, collectively nourishing our roots, shoots, and fruits.  My way of Eldering is dedicated to serving this movement

About Me

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I am a grandfather in my early 70’s with 40 years of experience as a psychotherapist, international workshop facilitator, movement teacher, trainer and supervisor for professional practitioners. I have practiced meditation, shamanic, therapeutic, and embodied approaches for over 50 years, whenever possible internalising the gifts and riches of my work and life experience. For the last three years, I have been moving into retirement and in an uncomfortable process of letting go of a busy working life and much of my previous identity. In this new life phase, where death is a more prominent reference point, I am asking the question, with the prayer ...                                               


                                     “How I can be in service to life with the time I have left?”

Eldering is a response to this call.

      Art-work - ​​Giacomini by Quint Buchholz           Sometimes we have to hold up our own tightrope’

To arrange a meeting, an online zoom call,

or for further information, please contact me:

David Rose

0777 3030418

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