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Soul Medicine with David Rose

Workshops and Ongoing Groups 

Ceremony - Creativity - Therapeutic Movement

 In service to life on earth

Soul Medicine is a creative journey, an opportunity to open doors to the dimensions of the Soul. 

David has developed a unique system, using live music, movement, ceremony, ritual theatre, and psychotherapeutic process. This system is designed to guide individuals through personal limitation and suffering, to expand our capacity to see the bigger picture and reveal the inherent goodness and beauty that are always present, when we care to look.

Through a process called ‘Open Space’, we aim to create a safe environment for inner journeys and communal exploration. With the support of the facilitator, musicians and rest of the group, you will be invited to move authentically with what arises in the moment.  The intention of this alchemical process is to move towards, building bridges between your human experience, in service to the collective healing and  interconnection of all life,  to align with ‘soul purpose’ and ground intentions and prayers, so they can take root, grow and flourish, in service to life in these times of change.

This intensive workshop is limited to 18 participants to allow time for in-depth exploration. Previous experience of inner process, conscious dance, shamanic, spiritual and meditation practices will be helpful.


David has facilitated workshops, in movement, creativity, therapy and ‘Soul Work’ in the UK and internationally. He is a co-founder of ‘Soulwave’ and has worked as Core Process Psychotherapist, supervisor, trainer, and 5 Rhythms™ teacher, for 40 years.  He is currently offering supervision for practitioners and Eldering support 

David's life work is to bring the Divine into the everyday, using the truth within the present moment as a gateway to the soul. His mix of compassion, humour and challenge gives an inspiring edge to his work.

For further information, contact David


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